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Summer 2015

Press Release – New novel purports importance of ‘the glass is half full’ mentality.

Orphan finds hope in newfound family member in ‘Because of Savannah’

WENHAM, Mass. – A girl orphaned at 16 is led down an unexpected path of pain, fear and danger to the eventual realization that everything in life happens for a reason in Sarah Patt’s new trilogy opener, “Because of Savannah” (published by Archway Publishing).

At 10 years old, Dakota Buchannan lost her mother. Dakota is only 16 when a freak accident takes her father too. As she muddles through the funeral, Dakota is introduced to a man she never knew existed: her half-brother, Luke.

Luke invites Dakota to stay with him and it doesn’t take long for his adorable 4-year-old daughter, Savannah, to win Dakota’s heart. Just as things are looking up, Dakota’s uncle falls victim to a near fatal hit-and-run, compelling Dakota to revisit her old home where the past and present collide and she comes face to face with a killer and a shocking secret.

“Even with all the trials and tribulations in life, Dakota leads us down the somewhat rocky road with a ‘we can get through this’ type attitude,” Patt says. “There are worse things in life. Be humble. Make the best of what you have.”

An excerpt from “Because of Savannah”:

“My dad’s and my relationship was like warm bread and soft butter. I never thought another person could replace that feeling … until Luke and Savannah came into my life.”