Because of Savannah


There was a lot I liked about this novel. One especially was how the author developed the characters and pulled you into their world. The protagonist may be a teenager but my being in my mid-twenties I easily was able to relate to the emotional roller coaster of having lost both parents and then being given the shocking news-you have a brother! I think Dakota handled it beautifully just as debut author wrote Because of Savannah. This most definitely is one story I won’t forget ~ Melissa

This novel drew me in right away. I finished it in one weekend and it left me feeling warm and cozy. Very few stories do to this to me, but the way Patt depicted the characters and setting I honestly felt as if I were in the room with them. ~ Charlene

To be honest, it was the cupcake on the cover that attracted me to buy this book and it was a smart purchase! Since finishing it, my mom and two sisters have read it and we actually all talked about it over dinner and came up with the same conclusion . . . it’d make a great movie! All of us loved it and there have been many family instances where we’ve joked, “What would Dakota do?” ~ Kimberly

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